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Because reasons, When you get this, post 5 random facts about yourself and then send this to 10 of your favorite followers.
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Thanks xinisterx for this tag :D

1. I hate driving when it’s raining heavily

2. I get irritated easily

3. little kids scare me 

4. I want to have a lotus tattoo on my arm 

5. My stomach is like an incinerator… I get hungry after 10minutes of eating 

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Thank you Casandra, blabbering-mind for the tag

1. Name

2. URL

3. Blog title

4. Favorite color(s)

5. Significant other

6. Something in CAPS

7. Favorite bands

8. Lucky number

9. Favorite drink.

10. Tag some people.

I tag : anyone who wants to do this

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Tegan and Sara lyrics inspired drawings, by me.

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Fuckin’ Larry.  (x)

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When we were living in Vancouver together, we wrote independently of each other anyway, so when I moved to Montreal the only thing that really changed was that instead of Tegan walking over and knocking on my door and me ignoring her and her leaving a package on my doorstep, she would send it to me and I’d pick it up at the post office.
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